Logo Design & Animation

Case Study
True Brew

True Brew wanted us to re-brand the logo
design of their company along with logo
animations to accompany their new direction.


Isa Najam
Zain Peerzada


Logo Design

The Process

There were two distinct directions with this one, there was Live at True Brew
and True Brew Tv, two different divisions of the same brand.
Since the brand already had a set image,
we were to keep within those boundaries
while visualising the two different looks.
We worked on both concepts separately,
treating them both as separate projects
in order to achieve that stylistic and
conceptual difference in both the logo
and animation designs.

Concept Development

Going back and forth with constant client feedback, we locked down the visual concepts of both the animations and logos.

Compositional Designs

We then began developing the elements that both these concepts required and started to design the compositions.


Once all the elements were designed and in place, we began animating by keying each element’s individual properties.

Post Production

This is the last stage, where we compile all the animated scenes, editing out the final version with lighting, colour and other compositional corrections.

Product Features

In the end we came out with two ‘intro’ animations
that had their own distinct style and feel. The
concept development process commanded the
visual direction for each division, giving both the
logos their own identity while at the same time
maintaining a relationship with the brand image.




Internal Camera Control

Both the animation designs had various keyed in and
controlled camera movements. This feature helped us
set up a scene with all the camera movements digitally
tracked. Such a technique lets us build an envoirnment
and then gives us the ability to move within that using
internal camera control.

Depth of Field

Accompanying the camera movement was depth of field.
This feature distinguishes between background and
foreground objects by a difference in focal contrast. This
feature, along with the internal camera control allowed
us to achieve a sense of three dimensional space within a
two dimensional design.

Custom Font & Design Elements

We also ensured that the design elements of each of the
set were unique, going through extensive element
variations as well as custom font designs.
Since we had two distinct directions, it was really important to nail down each
of the concepts in stone, getting accurate mood boards and
transition/movement planning before any of the actual development began.

The numbers

Each project is unique in terms of its requirements as well as the approach that is designed to best meet those requirements. This section breaks down True Brew’s project scope in numerical values to gain insight into the bigger picture and provide a better understanding of the work that went into it.

  • Project Pipeline Consistency – 85%
  • Production Approval Rate – 80%
  • Client Satisfaction Levels – 98%

Design Elements

Animated Frames



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