Visual Design

Case Study
Setia Haruman

The project demanded making a ‘Tourism’
style video to promote the city of Cyberjaya
as one of the leading smart cities of Malaysia.


Isa Najam
Stefan Kang
Hussein Yasir
Tony Wang


Video Design
Motion Graphics

The Process

To establish a solid starting point, we set some conceptual boundaries; like
adding animation on top the video to make it more visually engaging.
We then grabbed a car and a map of
Cyberjaya and went out to explore and
see the whole city for ourselves.
This gave us first hand insight as to what
the city has to offer. We then complied
information by pulling up records and
aquiring on-spot interviews with the
local residents, students and business


There is no better starting point than setting the story straight before anything else. Once we had a script we began production.

Video Editing

After each shoot, we would compile and edit the footage to render out a rough version for the visual team to work on.

Typography Design

We wanted each frame to be unique and so we treated the typo the same way and used different options to suit the frame mood.

Visual Development

Drawing all elements from scratch, each frame had it’s own story to tell and so we just tried to add to that with the animated elements.

Product Features

The resulting product was a tourism video that used
animated elements to visually enhance the frame,
adding more depth and added information to pin-
point the essense of the composition. The story-
board focused on four key elements of the city;
Live, Study, Work and Play.




Custom Font Styling

This was another feature that gave each frame its own
identity. The font design communicates the general mood
of each frame; like fun, or serious, etc.

Animated Design Elements

Accompanying the font stylings were the animated design
elements that were specifically design for each frame and
were animated and tracked into each shot. These served as
visual enhancers that highlighted all the progress within
the city.

Storyboard Development

Thorough research and development sessions gave us
solid yet simple key development points in the narrative
that comprehensively gave insight into the city of
Since each frame had to be uniquely built, we took the process step
by step. This wouldn’t have been possible without a
concrete Storyboard, which laid a very strong foundation for us to build upon.

The numbers

Each project is unique in terms of its requirements as well as the approach that is designed to best meet those requirements. This section breaks down Setia Haruman’s project scope in numerical values to gain insight into the bigger picture and provide a better understanding of the work that went into it.
  • Project Pipeline Consistency – 95%
  • Production Approval Rate – 86%
  • Client Satisfaction Levels – 100%

Hours Footage

Animated Frames



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