Web Design

Case Study
Route 2 Pilates

Route 2 is a one of a kind Pilates studio in
Lahore that wanted a digital platform to
market and update their clients on a daily basis.


Isa Najam
Raavail Sattar


Web Design & Development
Digital Branding

The Process

The brand already had a presence online through different social media outlets but
what they needed was their own space that reflected their physical presence.
We visited the studio in Lahore, to get a
first hand sense of culture and
atmosphere that Route 2 created.
This gave our team a perfect reference
and helped us build a project pathway
as to how we were going to translate
Route 2’s senseabilities and
aesthetics into a website that acts as
a seamless extension of the brand.

Image Design

We started with locking down a concept for the image design of the website since we wanted to base the site around that.

Colour Scheme

The scheme we came out with was very minimal, based around white & grey to support and enhance the pictures.

Font Development

To keep that clean visual consistency, we used a pairing of sans-serif fonts to bring out that modern/sleek look for the text.

Layout Design

We designed a number of layout options in order to try and solidify one that provides the most user friendly experience.

Product Features

The clean and minimal look we achieved with this
website perfectly translates Route 2’s “Zen” image
and gives the brand it’s online counterpart that
acts as a central hub for all their online activity.
The site provides thorough insight into the brand
and encapsulates it into a seamless user experience.




Unique Image Treatments

We conceptualised this look after going through a number
of image treatments. Inspired to achieve a sense of depth,
we masked out the main subjects of the image from the
backgrounds, which we then differentiated between by
contrast adjustments and defining the subject of focus
by adding a blur effect to the backgrounds.

Custom Timetable Feature

Another factor that we developed was a custom timetable
feature on the website, that is responsive as well as
interactable. Giving the weekly breakdown of classes,
key details of the timing and teacher as well as a
call to action that gives the user an in-depth breakdown
of the class that they are interested in.

User Sign-up Capabilities

We also added a sign-up feature that provides Route 2
a way to manage and more personally connect with
their audience.
Our first hand experience of the studio really helped us to draw out a more
precise design strategy that accurately reflects the brand’s aesthetics
and equips them with additional resources to connect with their audience.

The numbers

Each project is unique in terms of its requirements as well as the approach that is designed to best meet those requirements. This section breaks down Route 2’s project scope in numerical values to gain insight into the bigger picture and provide a better understanding of the work that went into it.

  • Project Pipeline Consistency – 88%
  • Production Approval Rate – 92%
  • Client Satisfaction Levels – 95%

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Treated Images



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