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Case Study
Elevate Builds

This project entailed re-branding the company’s
image with a brand new logo identity as well
as re-designing the website accordingly.


Isa Najam
Noor Ramay
Raavail Sattar


Logo Design
Web Design & Development

The Process

Since the brand was totally re-inventing its image, we had a huge canvas to
begin with, and so we started with defining the boundaries.
The process started with detailed back
and forth meetings with the client
to pin-point a visual direction.
Based on that direction, our team
designed a number of logo options which
were then progressively refined through
client feedback until we reached an
image that the client was satisfied with.

Colour Scheme

The final image that the client chose was then put through a number of colour options to see what stood out.

Font Development

Once we locked down the colour scheme, we came up with font options to see what translated well with the logo.


Once the logo was finalised, we took that colour scheme and font design and started designing the website through those sensibilities.

Background Video Design

The site also wanted to introduce responsive video backgrounds, so we edited out some compressed loops to minimise the load time.

Product Features

With the new logo design, color scheme and font
development, we transformed the website that
the brand already had, re-formatting the content
and the web structure accordingly, to make way
for the new image that the brand was looking to
adapt to.




Custom Menu Design

One of the key components for the website was a custom
menu design that we did, making it more interactable and
all the while keeping it responsive to all manner of devices.
The menu features a custom layout design, along with its’
click animation as well as the content and the design
elements that it contains.

Video Backgrounds

This is another prominent feature that was added to the
website. While coming out with the renders to use on the
site, we made sure that the videos were the right dimensions,
along with using the right compression value for web use
without disrupting the website loading time while at the same
time, retaining their quality.

Responsive Design

We also ensured that the website was fully responsive.
This makes sure that the website re-adjusts its’ size and
spacing according to the device that it is being viewed on.
The most crucial element of this project was to get the logo design right.
Once the client was satisfied with that, from there it was simply
a matter of re-designing their website in light of this new visual direction.

The numbers

Each project is unique in terms of its requirements as well as the approach that is designed to best meet those requirements. This section breaks down Elevate Builds’ project scope in numerical values to gain insight into the bigger picture and provide a better understanding of the work that went into it.

  • Project Pipeline Consistency – 90%
  • Production Approval Rate – 92%
  • Client Satisfaction Levels – 100%

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