Product Design

Case Study
Packaging Design

The scope of this project entailed re-
branding an already existing product
range and solidifying it’s visual consistency.


Isa Najam
Raavail Sattar


Packaging Design

The Process

Our main concern with this project was to achieve visual consistency within the entire
product range without disturbing the existing recognition value of the brand.
We began with acquiring the entire range physically so that we could do a detailed visual analysis.
The analysis opens up new angles that developed into a back and forth discussion with the client in order to get a more accurate style assessment so that the design team can start development.

Layout Design

We went through a number of layout options to try and define one that provides the most seamless user experience.

Colour Theory

Each product had its own feel and mood, so we knew well not to place any restrictions and let the mood choose its own colour scheme.

Font Development

Defining a font family now became a crucial element in bringing forth that visual consistency since we’re working with an open colour scheme.

Design Elements

We re-drew all the visual elements for the packaging keeping a similar style consistency that would translate across the product range.

Product Features

The design gives the Aura logo a fresh feel by
setting it into a fixed color scheme and font design.
Each element of the design is given it’s own
space to breath which allows the user to easliy
focus on an individual element while still
maintaining its relationship with the overall design.




Defined Layout Features

In order to bring visual consistency within the whole range
we defined some characteristic layout features that set up
a recurring visual theme across all the product ranges.
The most prominent factors being; setting the white at the
top versus the distinct color scheme at the bottom and a
fixed position for the logo for instant product recognition.

Set Font Placements & Styling

Another factor that we defined was font styling and
placement. The alignment could vary from product range
to product range, to give each of them their own identity,
but we set in stone the font weight and spacing of each
of the elements as well as the placement to give them
distinguishable readability and build placement recognition.

Consistent Design Elements

We also ensured that the design element on each product
had its own distinct look and feel while maintaining visual
and stylistic consistency through-out the entire product range.
We didn’t start from scratch, because we didn’t want to shake the image Aura
 had already built for itself. We simply built upon that in a way that is subtle
 but still translated a similar visual consistency through-out their entire product range.

The numbers

Each project is unique in terms of its requirements as well as the approach that is designed to best meet those requirements. This section breaks down Aura’s project scope in numerical values to gain insight into the bigger picture and provide a better understanding of the work that went into it.

  • Project Pipeline Consistency – 90%
  • Production Approval Rate – 82%
  • Client Satisfaction Levels – 90%




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